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Over the years, I have found that one either backpacks, or spends hours photographing. Its almost impossible to do both simultaneously . I have settled for the quick snapshot-which of course-rarely conveys the actual experience of actually being there, but I fumble for the Canon SX220 or maybe even my iPhone. The days of lugging my favorite Minolta or Contax SLR’s are long gone-unless I have designated this a photography trip. But those never really happen. I go to the woods, the mountains and the meadows to breath, relax, fly-fish and contemplate and experience the excitement of the wild. Photography seems to distract this traveller, but still it seems a sin not to at least snap shot or two to try and convey what it was like. I was here.

What’s Useful?

So all shots here on are basically those snapshots. Seconds or minutes out of backpacking day to capture a moment a blink in time of not only a place-but an emotion that I had at some time. Everyone loves a shot of the perfect sunset or sunrise, but just as important to are images of what guests do in the wilderness: camping, climbing, cooking, sleeping, breaking camp, loading stock… everything that happens in our Sierra-Nevada-so if you’d like to submit a photo I will be happy to give you full photo credit (if selected) but that’s about it. I cannot pay for photographs or art but welcome your submissions.


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