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What is SierraWild.Com?

This site is designed to enhance your outdoor experience in the Sierra-Nevada, whether it be simple day hikes, back-country adventures or camping and fishing, sierrawild.com is a resource providing links and other useful information.

You can use these links to take you directly to national parks within the Sierra-Nevada, national forests. Find out current weather conditions, how to pack a bear canister or even  how to reserve a permit for Mt Whitney.

My Mission:

national parks, national forests and wilderness areas in the Sierra Nevada.

  • Keep you informed about whats going on in the Sierra Nevada.
  • Assist you in planning and preparing for a back-country trip.
  • Help everyone better understand wilderness and the publics role in preserving it.
  • Get out there and have some fun.


sierrawild.com is not affiliated with with the U.S. Forest Service, the National Park Service or any other U.S. Government agency. SierraWild.com is a privately held entity and protected by U.S. Copyright and Trademark laws. The views expressed here are solely those of SIERRAWILD.COM (although I have borrowed many links, maps, etc. from sierrawild.gov for which I am grateful). If you wish to contact sierrawild.gov please click here . If you’d like to contact me, at sierrawild.com please continue to the “Contact Me” button below.


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